Prepros App Crash

First off, for those of you who don’t know, Prepros is a CSS Preprocessing app. But if you got here from a search result, you probably know what it does and faced the following problem.

After I started using Prepros to compile my SASS files, I encountered a weird bug when certain types of errors were made in the SASS files. Instead of simply not compiling the files and giving an error in the log window, the app will crash with a black screen; without any explanation. And if I tried to open it again, I always got an windows saying a JavaScript error occurred and can’t open.


I then went online to find a solution to the problem. After not finding a viable solution, the only solution I could think off was a restart. It worked and I went with it when getting this error. But After a while I got tired of always restarting the entire operating system. Not to mention sometimes I had some things going in the background that could not be interrupted and resumed after the restart. That’s when I started to look in the task manager.


Killing the Electron processes seems to erase every trace of the error and the program starts up fine after that.

As the time of this writing, Prepros is at version 5.10.2. The developer wrote he will try to fix this problem in version 6, which is in beta right now. He even made an invite system to test the beta version and help him ironing out the bugs. You can register for the beta easily with an email address.